We are excited to offer a 4th and 5th grade small group during the Sunday morning service. They will be released from the service and meet in the Preteen room, B-3.  We also meet from 6:30-8p Wednesday nights.  We look forward to seeing you!

sunday mornings

After spending time worshipping in the service with their families, our preteens then head out for their small group during the sermon.

The lessons and content are the same GO curriculum that the Kids Ministry uses but created to specifically engage our 4th-5th grade students.  Their time together will involve discussion, activities, and memory work that connects directly to the Bible.  The  stories they are studying on Wednesday nights are also the stories that will be covered in more depth on Sunday.   

wednesday nights

Preteen Ministries (4th and 5th graders) have their very own space and ministry.  Using the GO curriculum, students will be involved in bible stories presented in a great multimedia format.  Our night consists of bible teaching, gym time, and small group discussion.