Dare instructions!

  • Get your friends together.  No less than 3, no more than 8.
  • Complete each dare in order to the best of your ability.  Photograph each dare
  • Equal participation among group members
  • Be creative-there will be lots of groups competing.  If you want to be victorious, your submission better stand out!
  • Leaders will be voting on the creativity, humor, and participation for each submission
  • Submit all pics to jsaxton@forestparkcov.org

Dares types

  1. Mid Air Action Pic (whole group) 
  2. Most shaving cream in single hand (1 persons hand)
  3. Strangest hair and beauty mask (1 person)
  4. Most expired food item in house (whole group)
  5. Best tin foil knight (1 person, whole team helps)
  6. Most shoes fit in a bathtub (whole group)
  7. Best Human pyramid (whole group)
  8. funniest/most awkward family portrait (whole group)

Dare 1

Dare 2

Dare 3

dare 4

Dare 5

Dare 6

Dare 7

dare 8