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A big part of Student Ministry is summer camps and retreats throughout the year. During the summer, fall, and winter you will have the opportunity to send your students up to Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp.  We have partnered with Portage Lake for many years and feel strongly that the experiences they have at camp will make an impact on their spiritual formation.  The High School White Out Retreat this winter is February 16-18.   If you are interested in attending the retreat we need you to fill out the Student Permission Slip/Waiver ASAP and return it to Pastor Justin.  Cost for the retreat is $105

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High School

Our High School group meets on Sunday nights (6:30-8pm).  We alternate between small groups in homes by grade, and large group time in The Student Center at church.  Wondering what to expect?  Worship, laughter, helpful teaching, great discussion, and a welcoming atmosphere.  We also enjoy weekend retreats and summer trips for extra time and experiences to help our students connect with Jesus and each other.  2018 is a CHIC year for our high schoolers!  CLICK HERE for more info about signing up to go in July 2018.


Our fifth through eighth grade group meets on Wednesday nights (6:30-8pm) in The Student Center and gym at church.  We spend time laughing and playing together before we dig into what it means to be a part of God's family.  Every grade has a small group where we grow closer to God and each other as we share life together.


CORE Class is beginning on Sunday, September 17!  We cannot wait to see where this years journey takes our students and their mentors as they explore their faith together.  Stay tuned throughout the year for updates! 

Each year on Sunday mornings we offer an intensive program that our eighth grade students can take alongside a mentor to discover the core teachings of their faith.  Paired with great learning experiences, service opportunities, and more this is a great chance to grow in faith in God, and community! 

For more info please read the CORE Parent Letter and explore the 27 Foundations of Faith the CORE class explores throughout the year.

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We want to communicate with you as easily and effectively as possible.  To do that we use the Remind App to send info and updates right to your phone.  It's easy to sign up, just follow the directions below.  Once you do, you will get up to date texts with any Student Ministry info and updates!  

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Student Ministries wants to help equip parents to navigate today's crazy and ever changing world our students are living in.  Just when you think you have figured out what apps your kids are using they are suddenly not cool and there is some new app you have never heard of that your kids are using!  Pastor Justin has taken a lot of time to find some books, online articles, and websites parents can use to help navigate the digital world together with their kids.  Check them out by clicking on the link or below.

Parenting Resources